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Genetic Alchemy
Cyndi Silva, Genetic Intuitive

  Perspective isn't everything, it's the only thing. How much effort and energy have you invested in changing yourself or your life circumstances? The reality is that until you see yourselves differently, nothing really changes in your life.

  As a Genetic Intuitive, similar to a  Medical Intuitive, my particular sensitivity allows me access and insights into your genetic potential; and more importantly, the limitations that keep you from living that potential.

  Through a synthesis of multiple systems and modalities, I offer intuitive insights that bring awareness to your personal hidden gifts, which are coded within your unique DNA imprinting. 

  I offer individual transmission sessions via telephone and in person that deliver a vibrational activation that stimulates your inner genius and supports you in seeing yourself through the perspective of your expanded potential.

  Because you’re reading this, chances are you’re on the leading edge of consciousness and have a contribution that will help usher in the new era upon us. I would be honored to introduce you to your elusive yet potent gifts as well as support you in bringing them to light for the betterment of all.

 When the opportunity arises to be a transmitter of these frequencies, I'm always amazed at what comes through and my clients are too. It is truly an honor to share this wisdom and insight with others and each and every time I do, I learn something new.

Cyndi Silva
Genetic Intuitive, Somatic Movement Teacher, Yoga, Pilates & Qigong Instructore, Communal Leader, Human Design Analyst and Creative Visionary. Cyndi educates, inspires and empowers individuals and groups as a facilitator of workshops, webinars, classes and personal sessions. She has a natural ability and passion to integrate leading edge scientific research with timeless mystical concepts. Her role is to transmit wisdom in practical terms that inspires curiousity in the direction of discovering our intimate purpose and liberating our ever expanding creative potential.


Cyndi also serves as the steward and founder of Wisdom & Intuition Network (WIN). Within the cooperative model of mutual benefit, her leadership and support offer connectivity through technological advancement and communal sharing.

Guided by her intuition, Cyndi uses a co-creative process to design virtual structures through which individuals have open access to network with each other as well as tap into the collective wisdom of the whole. The result is an open and inclusive environment that empowers individuals to access rich, diverse and naturally occurring intuitive benefits, while developing their own.

Cyndi is deeply curious about our collective human potential. She enjoys teaching yoga, creating website & graphic designs, hosting her weekly "Wisdom Wednesday" program as well as the monthly Divine Design Program. She publishes a weekly E-Museletter and endorses fellow business owners to reach more people with their unique gifts.

Cyndi's vision is to empower humanity to experience increased flow and synchronicity through our innate intelligence and intuitive knowing. She's passionate about co-creating environments that promote cooperation and generate mutual benefits for expanding and integrating consciousness.

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"Hello Beautiful Lady Cyndi.  Our time together on Wednesday was amazing, a holy and sacred experience for me and I thank you for your part in bringing forth the expansive and loving energies that nourished me. I am still integrating what we shared, finding it difficult to put into words.  It's probably sufficient to say that just by recalling our session I am able to feel anew and delight in that conscious stream of love.  I truly know what it is like to love and be loved."
Jeanne Allen

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"Two of the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why".  - Mark  Twain