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Genetic Alchemy

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Integrating the Universal Perspectives Within: a Synthesis of Genetic Alchemy
Learn how to integrate the systems of Human Design, Gene Keys, Integral Human Design and Epigenetics with practicality and efficiency. Access to the final module of the series, module 6, is your free gift for registering for the Genetic Alchemy updates. This module includes a review/introduction to the first 5 Modules of the series, plus an adventurous conversation with consciousness expert and DNA researcher Adele Lamborn.

Module Six:

  • Review of 5 Previous Modules
  • Longevity Benefits of Communicating with your DNA
  • Epigenetics of Language, Frequency and Environment
  • Current and Future Civilizations
  • Consciousness, Awareness and Genetic Upgrades
  • Telomere Research & Youthful Longevity
  • Co Presented with Adele Lamborn, Longevity & Consciousness Expert and Genetic Researcher

"Two of the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why".  - Mark  Twain